flux+flow Case Study: Facebook-Powered Growth Marketing Funnel

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facebook-powered growth marketing funnel

Facebook-Powered Growth Marketing Funnel for Complete Payroll

Service Performed: Paid Growth Marketing Funnel


Complete Payroll, a specialty payroll and human capital management firm based in upstate New York, approached us looking for paid growth marketing funnels for two of their human resources services: employee termination and New York State Paid Family Leave. Complete Payroll sought to introduce area business owners, executives and HR professionals to the company’s menu of services beyond payroll processing.

Key Challenges

The path toward two highly effective paid growth marketing funnels contained a number of roadblocks. The first was limited bandwidth; while the client had plenty of ideas they were interested in trying, they lacked the time necessary to execute all those projects/campaigns. Those same bandwidth restrictions also made it difficult to produce the incredible amount of awareness stage content.

Complete Payroll had no in-house graphic designer and no one on staff versed in the intricacies of Facebook advertising (an integral component in paid growth marketing funnels). Add in the necessity of a unified design to ensure brand consistency and the fact that we were tasked with sharing a time-sensitive topic, and there was a clear need for a forward-thinking strategy powered by efficiency and a sense of urgency.


Over the course of two two-week sprints, flux+flow built a custom funnel (sprint one) and then launched the funnel and began experimentation (sprint two). During the second sprint, the funnels generated:

  • 36 ad variations
  • 125,805 impressions
  • 407 link clicks
  • 25 lead form completions

The Facebook brand awareness campaign alone cost just $.14 per person, with a total reach of nearly 18,000 and more than 34,000 impressions. The New York State Employee Termination campaign was even more successful with 10 marketing-qualified leads, more than 43,000 impressions and a total reach in excess of 23,000, and the NYS Employee Paid Family Leave campaign yielded similarly thrilling results.

“Our first project was outstanding. They gave us our best-performing Facebook ads ever, premium content offers and really ignited our ‘middle of the funnel’ strategy. We’ll definitely be engaging flux+flow more in 2018 and beyond.”

CJ Maurer – Director of Marketing Director

How We Did It

This project included three stages and a bonus element:

  1. Build: We constructed four funnels using HubSpot: custom landing and thank you pages, custom-built workflow automation, two email nurture tracks and auto-responders to manage the response in a timely manner.
  2. Design: Cohesive branding starts with a style guide. We laid a strong foundation with that piece then added two pieces each of short- and long-form content.
  3. Launch & Experiment: This all-important phase centered on a strong Facebook campaign featuring the creation of more than 30 A/B ads (essential for testing approaches and gaining feedback), two unique audiences based on customer personas, rapid experimentation and an assortment of ad types focused on brand awareness, lead generation, and in-app lead capture.
  4. Added Bonus: We created a custom Typeform lead generation tool with impressive functionality and design for the utmost in consumer approachability and overall ease-of-use.

Use Case

As a result of our agile process and constant iteration, Complete Payroll now has two organic growth marketing funnels propelling their sales and generating ongoing leads. The collateral collected as users progress through the funnel is used by the sales team in their prospecting efforts and in email marketing campaigns. Both as a tool for nurturing existing relationships and a catalyst for building new connections with potential clients, Complete Payrolls funnels are performing exactly as intended.