flux+flow Case Study: Paid Growth Marketing Funnel To Launch New Product

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Paid Growth Funnel for Kantola Training Solutions

Growth Marketing Services Performed: Paid growth funnel, content creation, and graphic design. 


Kantola, a corporate training solutions company located just outside of San Francisco, specializes in engaging video-based training. Its primary objective was to find an effective way to generate leads and advertise the launch of its new training course, “Cyber Security: Self Defense in the Digital Age.” As part of product development and ongoing marketing efforts, Kantola also needed to convert its expansive collection of course information into interesting and engaging content.



Key Challenges

Successfully launching Kantola’s cybersecurity training course presented us with three hurdles. The first and perhaps most daunting was that Kantola was entering a highly competitive space armed with its first course created around the cybersecurity subject matter. That level of competition meant that the keywords we needed to incorporate into the paid growth marketing funnel were particularly expensive.

Working around pre-integrated technology was also a challenge. Using Unbounce for landing pages and MailChimp for email comes with a variety of benefits, but marketing automation is not one of them, so we had to design an intuitive workaround prior to launching the paid growth funnel.

Lastly, Kantola had a wealth of course information that was educational but complex. That source material needed to be broken down and repackaged as easily accessible content used to capture leads (cheat sheets and guides, for example).


In our collaboration with Kantola, flux+flow:

  • Built a sustainable lead generation process that continued to provide value after the initial launch and experimentation phase
  • Constructed a Google AdWords campaign and related keyword research for better targeting
  • Created on-brand landing pages in Unbounce and marketing automation workflows in MailChimp to help nurture leads and convert website visitors into customers
  • Transformed plain text content using customer-friendly design to improve appearance and overall perceived value
  • Converted training materials into short-form (a cheat sheet and checklist) and long-form (a downloadable guide) inbound marketing assets

How We Did It

This project showcased the multifaceted nature of the flux+flow team as we combined our correlative expertise to reach optimal results.

  • Marketing: A combination of winning strategy and smart execution helped us devise a plan that worked on paper and in practice.
  • Designers: The flux+flow designers created visually compelling downloadable assets, reimagining the original materials in a way that felt fresh and accessible.
  • Web Development: Great content is enhanced by exceptional design; we combined the two using the Unbounce landing page builder to drive traffic and conversions.

Use Case

Ultimately, Kantola benefitted from a fully functional paid growth funnel that propelled a successful product launch and amplified internal Kantola team education. As a sales enablement tool, the paid growth funnel generated numerous leads that could then be nurtured using marketing collateral derived from the course material. This interconnected web of resources also encompasses a flourishing email marketing database with which Kantola can reach out to customers and further promote the current launch as well as future product/service developments.

“We are excited to be working with flux+flow and look forward to see how we can continue to grow together in 2018.”

Max Sindell – Product Development, Kantola Training Solutions

Next Steps

Marketing is progressive and exponentially wonderful things can happen over time, which is just one reason why we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Kantola in 2018. We’ll continue to cultivate its inbound marketing strategy and gain unique insights through custom buyer personas created using info gleaned from Kantola customer interviews. Additionally, we plan to continue building and experimenting with our dynamic growth marketing funnels, further empowering Kantola as it strives toward next-level success.