Inbound marketing strategies that will get you noticed.

An effective inbound marketing strategy is crucial for attracting and acquiring your ideal customer. We embrace a top-of-the-funnel approach when designing your customer acquisition strategy to get your brand the exposure it needs.

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  • Content Marketing
    Website Design

Inbound marketing strategies that will get you noticed.

An effective inbound marketing strategy is crucial for attracting, engaging and acquiring your ideal customer. We embrace a top-of-funnel approach when designing your inbound customer acquisition strategy to get your company the exposure it needs.

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  • Content Marketing
    Website Design

Demand generation programs that drive conversions.

A well-designed demand engine can deliver your marketing and sales teams the qualified prospects needed to convert into net new customers. Drive demand and hit your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and annual recurring revenue (ARR) goals.

  • Growth Funnels
    Conversion Rate Optimization
    Email Marketing
    Lead Nurturing
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Powerful sales enablement solutions to close more deals.

Building a sales enablement strategy will help empower your sales organization to effectively close net new deals and increase their win-rate. It’s the marketing team’s job to provide sales with the right information, educational content, and technology to help sales sell more efficiently and effectively.

  • Technology & Automation
    HubSpot CRM
    Sales Enablement Content
    Reporting and Analysis

Increase revenue through sales and marketing alignment.

Achieving alignment is not always easy to accomplish, but it is essential for organizational growth. Aligning your sales and marketing teams around a common goal of generating revenue ensures every project, program and campaign is driving towards the same destination - net new deals.

  • Service Level Agreements
    Content Strategy Alignment
    Demand Metrics Waterfall
    Program Performance Review

Enhance relationships through customer success.

Maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV) is the #1 goal of your customer success team. You’ve invested substantial time and money into attracting, acquiring, and converting the right customers, so, keep that momentum going by delighting your customers after the sale to ensure higher retention rates and reduce churn.

  • Revenue Expansion
    Customer Engagement
    Community Development
    Customer Empowerment

Growth Marketing Solutions to Power Your Demand Engine

Maximize your sales and marketing efforts by investing in our holistic growth marketing solutions.

  • The flux+flow team has done a tremendous job in analyzing the needs of our business to portray the image we are trying to convey to our target audience. They have helped a engineering team put the visuals and message together for both our investors and our buying personas. Highly recommend their team to work on any task needed around the CMO role.
      Andrew Ostashen CEO, Vulsec
flux+flow client: Andrew Ostashen

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

We recommend starting with a quick "get to know you" call to discuss your business and growth marketing goals.

What makes you different?

We're an embedded growth team focused on creating and launching dynamic growth marketing strategies.

What is growth marketing?

Growth marketing is all about one thing: attracting more engaged customers. We're focused on the entire marketing funnel.

Do you require a contract committment?

We don't require a long-term commitment for most of our services. However, many of our clients end up working with us on a monthly basis. Although, to create and launch successful growth marketing strategies we recommend a minimum of a one month engagement.

How do you report campaign performance?

Successful growth marketing campaigns are built on partnerships. We view our relationship as a partnership and would like you to think of us as an extension of your team. We're serious about results and proving ROI. We highlight success in an intuitive and visually appealing report.

Will we meet and review my project?

Yes, our team holds regular virtual or in-person meetings weekly, bi-weekly or once a month, depending on your location and the complexity of the engagement. Additionally, we're available via your dedicated Slack channel for quick questions and project status updates.

Do you guarantee metrics and growth?

We establish relevant KPIs and metrics to that align with your business and marketing goals. However, we cannot guarantee specific results with 100% certainty. We believe in transparency and setting realistic expectations to ensure your satisfaction.

How do you measure results?

In order to meet your growth expectations for your company, we establish relevant KPIs and benchmarks at the beginning of our projects. Our growth marketing funnels have been designed to generate insights to assist us in making data-driven decisions.

Do you have pricing list?

We'd be happy to provide a detailed quote for your organization. We recommend starting with a quick discovery call to identify the right growth marketing strategy for your organization and budget.

Have more questions?