Growth Marketing Journey: What Level Are You? [Infographic]

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Where are you in your growth marketing journey?

Find out what level you are and how you can upgrade your skills to get to the next level. Interested in growth marketing but unsure where to begin? Let’s jump in and get started. Don’t forget to download the Growth Marketing Journey¬†infographic to gain access to our growth marketing quiz to see how you stack up.

Growth Marketing Journey

Level Novice

You’re interested in exploring marketing automation but you need some guidance to help you get to the next level. You may have heard of some of the tools (e.g., HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, etc.) but you’re not sure which one is the right platform for you.

Level Basic

You’re just getting started with marketing automation but you’ve seen success and want to continue improving and want to upgrade your marketing automation skills. You might be dabbling in email automation using MailChimp and building basic workflows but you are starting to see the logic limitations (e.g., segmentation, triggers, and API integrations). It’s time to start thinking about a more robust marketing automation platform that will allow you to increase sophistication, track and measure performance, and simplify your existing marketing processes and workflows. For example, you’re currently building landing pages using Unbounce and sending emails via MailChimp while connecting the two platforms using APIs.

Level Intermediate

You’ve embraced marketing automation and you’re now looking for new ways to scale your marketing efforts and add even more sophistication to your campaigns. This is where it starts to get fun as you’ve already identified some of the necessary growth levers to start moving the needle. Like a high-performance engine, it’s time to boost your existing marketing campaigns and add some more fuel to keep your lead generation engine running in high gear. At this level, you’ll begin to look for new ways to segment your audience (e.g., persona and advanced list segmentation) and incorporate new pre and post-sales email nurture campaigns to keep your audience engaged and informed – provide value first.

Level Expert

You’ve made it! Congrats. You’re a marketing automation pro and you’re looking to continue your success but you’ve hit a detour along the way. Although, it’s a minor detour and you can easily power through and continue on your growth journey. You’re ready to hit cruise control and enjoy the time and resources you’ve invested to build a sophisticated growth marketing machine but you don’t have any more bandwidth. Budgets are tight and you can’t get approval for a new marketing hire to help you keep the engine running at top speed. Rather than spending the time and effort to make a full-time hire, you can bring on an embedded growth team (e.g., growth marketers, designers, developers, and project managers) to help you keep your foot on the gas and not lose any momentum. Once we develop a scalable and repeatable process that works for your company, you can resume cruise control and continue to find new ways to grow your business while we work on fueling your lead generation engine.

What are growth marketing funnels?

Are you looking to attract highly-engaged web visitors, amp up engagement, and ultimately convert more visitors into paying customers? We have the answer for you. Growth marketing funnels. You can choose from our customized paid, organic, or hybrid growth marketing funnels and build the demand generation engine your brand deserves.

Paid Funnels

Jumpstart your lead generation engine by building a custom paid growth marketing funnel to attract and engage your target audience using various paid channels (e.g., Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to find the right growth levers.

Organic Funnels

Incorporate insights from a paid funnel to design repeatable, scalable, and sustainable content-focused funnel (e.g., organic growth marketing funnels) that relies solely on an inbound marketing approach to building demand. Organic funnels use compelling content to encourage engagement, and it does without strong-arming the audience in the process. Forced interactions creates ill will, but bolstering interest that’s already there is how brands turn casual readers into loyal followers.

Hybrid Funnels

Get the best of both worlds (i.e., PPC and SEO) by combining paid and organic strategies to uncover new growth opportunities. You’ll use the valuable insight gained from paid channels to help further define your SEO-driven content approach. Think of it this way, your paid strategy is the quick way to gain valuable insights and your content strategy will boost your credibility and save you money as you begin to generate traffic from your educational content (e.g., inbound marketing).

Video Funnels

Video works. It’s a fact. Spend a few minutes on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and you’ll see videos everywhere. Are you ready to harness the power of video? With a video marketing funnel, you’ll be able to harness the power of video to construct a compelling and captivating growth marketing strategy. However, before you jump into a video marketing funnel, we recommend using rapid experimentation so that we can zero in on the right format for your audience (e.g., animated explainer videos, customer testimonials, interviews, product videos, etc.) before you invest your time and money.

How do we get started? 

We recommend starting with a quick “get to know you” call to discuss your business and growth marketing goals. We can help you improve your marketing at the novice level all the way up to the expert level. We believe in continuous improvement and that the work is never fully done. We believe that rapid experimentation and testing should be used on a daily basis to keep pace with the rapid technological change as well as consumer behavior, marketing trends, and competition.

Growth Marketing Journey