10 Reasons Startups Should Work with flux+flow

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In business, success is highly dependent on momentum. If the pendulum swings in your favor (it generally needs a good push), you could be in for a treat. If you’re plagued with momentum of a different sort, you could wind up in the 30-40% of startups that fail in the first five years – if you even make it that far. Start the ball rolling in the right direction by trusting your startup to the experts at flux+flow.

1. We’ll Save You Money

As a startup, your pockets are anything but infinitely deep. Sure, you may already be sourcing new investments, but until that money comes rolling in, hiring a full-time marketer just isn’t in the cards. Besides, do you really want to deal with HR, health insurance, and wasted sick days? flux+flow is there when you need us and waiting for the call when you don’t.

2. Our Team Has Specialized Knowledge and Expertise

Assembling the flux+flow team was an exercise in strategy combined with a dollop of passion for all things marketing. We worked diligently to bring together marketers, graphic designers, UX/UI developers, project managers, content writers, videographers, and computer scientists who all represent the best their field has to offer. Everyone has their lane and they’re the very best at navigating it, which means you’re tapping into the cream of the crop too.

3. We’ll Increase Your Marketing Bandwidth

Concentrate on the things you’re great at and take the rest off your plate – that’s what we’re here for. Startup culture is generally lean and focused; success depends on getting things right the first time rather than spreading yourself too thin and belatedly realizing that you’re not the entrepreneurial octopus you hoped you’d be.

4. We Reduce Risk

You can roll the dice and hope your employees take the bare minimum of sick days and vacation time but crossing your fingers isn’t the soundest of business strategies. Our team provides depth, so there’s always someone to pick up slack and dam the leak of draining productivity.

5. Our Additional Marketing Resources Help You Scale

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop marketing shop. A lot of agencies offer piecemeal services and there’s some appeal to that approach; after all, concentrating solely on one niche skill could mean that you’re picking someone who’s at the very top of their game. Or you could be putting all your eggs in one rickety basket. Our network of marketing resources is always at your disposal. Lots of eggs, a well-made container to put them in, and, if you need it, directions on how to make the perfect omelet.

6. flux+flow Embraces Agile Marketing… Just Like Startups Should

Startups all have one thing in common: the need to maximize impact despite a downright scrawny body of resources. You can’t throw everything you have into a long-term campaign that won’t yield usable data for months or even years. Wait that long and any missteps will be discovered after you’ve shut your doors and cried on the phone to your creditors. With agile marketing, you’re throwing your weight behind high-value projects, continuously gauging response, and using that data to make immediate improvements. It’s smart, it’s fast, and it works.

7. We’re All About the Lean Startup Methodology

Lean startup methodology and agile marketing go hand in hand. Both are about learning, building, and measuring on a continuous loop; every step depends on the last and influences the next. It’s hard to break people of their need for elaborate planning and endless dithering but experimentation is your passport to the next level of success.

8. We Operate on Rapid Experimentation

Speaking of experimentation… To make changes you must have feedback. Feedback only occurs as the result of experimentation. Experimentation is beneficial for startups only when the tests are done rapidly. If you equate launching a startup to Olympic swimming, it’s better to try a new elbow-only stroke and understand exactly why it doesn’t work than to simply tread water and wonder why you’re not going anywhere. Whether we’re designing and developing growth marketing funnels or working feverishly on other products, rapid experimentation is our lodestone.

9. We Have Real-World Startup Experience

You can read all the books in all the libraries in all the world and you’ll never be prepared for the reality of startup culture. We’ve listened to the podcasts and scoured the blogs, but we’ve also walked the walk. Our flux+flow team members understand what it’s like to work at startups. We know the demands, we’ve lived through the expectations, and we’re not going to fold under the pressure or stop in our tracks when life throws a stick in our spokes. Launching a startup can be expensive but having a group of seasoned marketers at your side is priceless.

10. We’re Based in Boston

The flux+flow office is happily based in Boston, a thriving startup ecosystem lush with idea incubators and innovators. With accelerators like MassChallenge and TechStars as your neighbors, you know there’s something exciting in the air. Boston is also a major education hub and there’s year-round access to industry events that keep us sharp and push us to think bigger, better, and more creatively. When our fires are stoked, great things happen not just for us but for our entire network of clients.

second-most cited reason for startup failure is that they ran out of cash. The third is that there weren’t the right people on board. Don’t be a statistic. Empower flux+flow as your embedded team of marketing experts and see how we can help turn potential pitfalls into progress.