The A Word: Why You Don’t Need To Fear The SEO Audit


SEO Audit

SEO Audits Are Good. Trust Us.

Putting the words “SEO” and “audit” in the same sentence seems like a guaranteed way to get people scratching their heads as they reach up to click that little x at the upper right-hand corner of their browser, but don’t! Back away from your mouse and get ready to feel your pulse do the cha-cha because an SEO audit isn’t just more straightforward than you may think, it’s also more exciting.

What Is an SEO Audit?

A search engine optimization audit is how we gauge your site’s visibility. In particular, we’re looking for answers to these questions:

  • How do you show up on Google/Bing/Yahoo, etc.?
  • How do people find you?
  • What keywords (if any) do you rank for?

Your initial SEO audit establishes a benchmark, a kind of analytic touchstone we’ll then use to measure progress as we get to work.

Why Do We Need It?

SEO audits give us a chance to understand how search engines view your brand or site. In the same way that brick-and-mortar stores sometimes hire a secret shopper to come in and evaluate the facility and service with completely fresh eyes, an audit helps us uncover issues, spot any errors, and even find new keyword opportunities so you can beat the competition to the punch.

It’s all part of one main goal: delivering healthy SEO so your site gets the attention it deserves.

What’s the Value of an SEO Audit?

If you’re a new site, an SEO audit helps you configure your site properly from the get-go. No fumbling around in hopes of landing on the right formula or spending money on campaigns fueled by wonky keywords. This is one situation in which investing early always pays impressive dividends.

If your site is already up and running, an SEO audit will help you uncover technical SEO issues and find resolutions. The result? An enhanced search profile and presence which translates into more hits, a bigger audience and greater opportunities for conversion.

Regardless of where your site is in its life cycle, your audit comes complete with actionable SEO recommendations for incorporating best practices. Add to that some newly established benchmarks that provide the framework for an ongoing SEO strategy roadmap and you’ve got more value than you can shake your laptop at.

What Happens If We Don’t Do It?

Google’s algorithm has been known to change up to 3x per day and you’ve got to keep up. Abstain from regular SEO audits, and you risk missing out on key SEO opportunities and failing to discover (let alone fix) the underlying issues perpetually damaging your search results. You’ll also be squandering your chance to enact a comprehensive SEO strategy, a misstep that could very well result in your site falling so low in search engine rankings that people will have to go spelunking to have any chance of finding you.

The bottom line? If you’re not investing in regular SEO audits, you’re ensuring one of two fates: you’re either already invisible or you will be soon.

Get started by evaluating your site’s SEO using our Free SEO Audit Tool and learn how to propel your brand into the spotlight.