6 Reasons Why SMBs Should Work With flux+flow

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If you’ve been chasing better ROI, frantically trying to increase engagement, and scouting new hires to help capture leads… well, you must be exhausted. We can help. Stop wading through a stack of marketer resumes and train your brain on these six reasons SMBs (Small/Mid-Sized Businesses) choose to work with flux+flow.

1. Cost Savings

While full-time hires can chip away at your bottom line in a multitude of ways (salary, insurance, physical office space, etc.), partnering with an embedded external growth marketing team removes those considerations from the equation. An external marketing team also offers flexibility versus an in-house employee who is limited by hours and experience. Working with flux+flow adds value whenever and wherever you need it.

2. Specialized Knowledge

Because of budget and space concerns, you have to decide between a marketing specialist, UX/UI experts, a project manager, videographers, computer scientists, content writers, a graphic designer, a branding pro… or do you? With flux+flow, you get a global approach to marketing courtesy of a well-rounded team experienced in a variety of specials. Pick and choose your services as needed or sign up for the whole kit and caboodle.

3. Increased Bandwidth

Business efficiency is all about concentrating your talents where they’re needed most. When flux+flow helps lighten your load by overseeing marketing strategy and execution, your in-house marketing bandwidth increases, and you can refocus your energies on other key tasks. Are you a copywriting whiz? Keep concentrating on verbiage and leave the landing pages to us. Have your logo on lock but frustrated by stagnant growth? Let us design a custom funnel that’ll help you stir things up and scale exponentially.

4. Reduced Risk

As anyone who has ever been on a blind date could tell you, putting yourself out there can be scary; whether you’re looking for true love or a long-term employee, there’s always risk involved. Hire Mr. or Mrs. Wrong and you could be facing a downward slope of productivity and employee morale. Even good hires bring potential risk in the form of sick days, vacation days, and limited bandwidth due to finite skillsets.

5. Resources to Help Build Additional Capacity

We’ve all heard the adage “work smarter, not harder”, but… how? For flux+flow, that means constructing scalable processes that help our clients increase efficiency and build repeatable marketing programs. We’re not just cooking dinner and slapping it on the table, we’re stocking the fridge with an almost endless supply of grub. As a result, our custom-designed growth marketing funnels increase your capacity for quick-start campaigns and lead generation without burdening your bottom line or adding to the number of people crowded into your already cramped office.

6. Adaptability

Change is guaranteed but how you react is up in the air. As your business needs evolve, flux+flow scales up and/or ramps down operations to keep in step with whatever you have going on. Say your team wants to build six growth marketing funnels in 2018 and then, several months later, you decide to add another six funnels to build on the already incredible results. We can do that.

The other side of adaptability is skill-based. Your current plans may call for a growth marketer and a couple UX/UI designers. By the time the seasons change, you might find yourself clamoring for a project manager and discover the UX/UI position is all but obsolete. If those are internal hires, you’re about to start scrambling (and have some uncomfortable conversations) but with flux+flow on hand, you have access to our catalog of experts. We’re flexible so you can be too.

At the end of the day, smart marketing is about having options. With flux+flow, you get a cornucopia of opportunities, all ready to be plucked, plugged in, and put to work when you make the call. Ready to get started? Let’s talk.