Cost of a Full-Time Marketing Hire vs. An Embedded External Growth Marketing Team

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You know you need marketing help, but how are you going to effectively and efficiently bolster the company infrastructure ASAP? Generally speaking, you have two options: recruit a full-time hire or partner with an embedded growth marketing team. There are lots of reasons to lean one way or the other, but most brands understandably have their eye on the bottom line. When you’re intent on protecting your investment while also saving for the future, cost is a major factor and knowledge is power.

When You Opt for a Full-Time Hire

Full-time hires are those talented individuals you welcome into the company fold on the understanding they’ll be working about 40 hours a week.

Here’s what the base salary looks like for the most common marketing positions (according to national averages):

  • Marketing Specialist: $65,908/year
  • Marketing Manager: $96,419/year
  • Marketing Director: $116,012/year
  • CMO: $227,342/year

That’s an awful lot of financial faith to put in a single team member, and the costs are just beginning to mount. In addition to salary, consider these other expenses:

  • Health Insurance: If you’re hoping to lure top prospects with private insurance plans, you’re going to pay part or all of their premiums, too
  • Retirement/Pension: Another perk that seems solid until you’re reviewing your P&L
  • Medicare & Social Security: Full-time employees bring government-sized responsibilities
  • Sick Days and Vacation Time: When an employee gets sick, productivity inevitably goes down and your efficiency is doubly impacted
  • Office Space and Supplies: You’ll need another desk, a computer, accessories like paper and pens, and so on

Lastly, a long-term hire, much like a marriage, means making a commitment. There’s no acceptable way to date around and see what other fish are frolicking out there in the marketing ocean. Sure, you can simply fire someone if they aren’t up to snuff, but experts find that losing an employee costs the company big time due to interview and training costs, downtime, and the absolute energy-suck that comes with starting the hiring process anew.

Bringing in an Embedded Growth Marketing Team

No two weeks are the same when you’re building a brand. As your needs change, your team should morph as well, and that’s where your flux+flow embedded growth marketing team jumps into action.


  • Catapulting your projects into hyperdrive thanks to the power of agile marketing (those 2-week sprints will change your outlook forever) and access to a bevy of resources
  • Scaling up and down on demand rather than waiting for temp workers to arrive or scouring for new long-term employees
  • Taking advantage of flexible pricing based on your needs rather than settling for one-size-fits-all packaging
  • Seeing firsthand how a responsive team can use speed to get you ahead of the curve – and the competition

When you piggyback on the power of an external marketing team, you’re reaping considerable benefits with minimal risk. No HR issues, no liability or workers comp, and no shuffling Bernard from desk to desk because no one likes the smell of the tuna salad sandwiches he always brings for lunch. That means more time for you to concentrate on the issues that truly need your attention rather than refereeing petty squabbles and micromanaging your workers.

Not quite sold on an exclusive relationship with an embedded growth marketing team? We’ve got good news: Sometimes the best approach to marketing is a comprehensive one. Minimize your in-house team 
and bring in the experts at flux+flow and discover how brilliantly the two approaches complement one another. Exponential coverage means exponential gains, and we’d love to tell you more about how we excel at filling in the gaps.