flux+flow Case Study: Custom Animated Explainer Video for Stealth Mode Startup


custom animated explainer video

Custom Animated Explainer Video for Insurance Tech Startup

Service Performed: Custom Animated Explainer Video


This Boston-based insurance tech startup is focused on helping businesses in the insurance industry communicate and engage with their customers like never before. Part of that initiative requires breaking down some complex concepts into bite-sized, easy-to-digest pieces. There’s also a need to inject potentially dry content with interest. In an industry where pizazz is typically in short supply, this particular ‘Stealth Mode’ Startup sought a way to break the mold and connect with consumers who might otherwise skip over or ignore traditional marketing collateral.

Key Challenges

In 2017, our client was invited to the ACORD convention, an insurance tech gathering also set to welcome a large slate of industry experts, competing brands, and potential investors. With less than two weeks’ notice, the client came to us asking for an effective — and preferably disruptive — way to pitch their company/service.


In less than two weeks, flux+flow used our signature agile approach and iterative process to create a custom animated explainer video that fulfilled every item on our client’s checklist. Our embedded team structure allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the client’s brand from the inside out, developing a keen understanding of pain points, company culture and the target demographic. The video itself became a compelling piece of media with ongoing applications.

“Quality, turn time, comfort working with startups, ability to iterate in real time, culture fit — we knew what we wanted and made a quick decision. flux+flow created a 60-second ‘got it’ rather than a 5-minute ‘still not sure I understand,’ and we’re still using it to woo investors and customers today.”

Name Withheld – Founding Team Member

How We Did It

Our team of marketing and video experts drew on their own savvy and skills as well as external resources, including:

  • Slack and Google Docs to share files instantaneously and keep communication flowing and organized
  • Google Drive to maximize access, maintain flexibility and exchange info on demand
  • Rapid feedback, a necessity when you’re iterating in real-time
  • Focus on customer experience as the light at the end of the visionary tunnel

Use Case

Ultimately, the client’s animated explainer video was used as an extension of their pitch deck and presented to potential investors. It had a life beyond the convention, too, as a sales enablement asset. The client’s opportunity cost has decreased and, with this vivid and memorable tool at their disposal, the brand’s team and founders are free to reallocate their energy to other tasks.