flux+flow Case Study: Reimagining INGENIA Talent’s Digital Identity


flux+flow case study reimagining INGENIA Talent's digital identity


INGENIA Talent is a search and selection firm focused on recruiting talent in order to help the end clients scale up their teams. The goal is increased productivity and efficacy through the addition of appropriately skilled hires that inspire confidence and progress.

In pursuit of that end goal, INGENIA needed to develop its brand identity and website, two giant tasks that would highlight its unique recruitment practices while also laying the groundwork for more comprehensive marketing strategies down the road.

Key Challenges

INGENIA needed a new website that aligned with the company’s forward-thinking search and selection process. Its existing site lacked the personality and concrete brand identity necessary to help the company ratchet up to the next level.

In tandem with the website renovation, INGENIA also required a full redesign of its logo and all associate sale and marketing collateral. The objective was to construct a ground-up rejuvenation of INGENIA’s digital landscape so it better connects, converts, and grows.

All of this had to take place in a way that was harmonious with INGENIA’s position as an industry leader: Everything from an individual icon to the overarching brand story had to be compelling, memorable, and a step above competitors in innovation, messaging, and quality.

Strategy and Solution

Our sweeping reimagining of INGENIA’s online home and supporting materials required a multi-pronged strategy that took into account an entire network of customer-facing collateral:

  • Development and design of a distinctive and contemporary logo
  • Creation of website copy and proprietary (not stock) supporting images
  • Website migration to relocate INGENIA’s online presence to a faster and more secure CMS platform
  • Inclusive style guide to serve as a lodestone for employees regarding items such as key values, logo usage, and brand voice
  • Pitch and sales deck presenting INGENIA ideas in a new, captivating way
  • Infographics to visually capture and convey important data
  • Assorted other sales and marketing items necessary to further establish INGENIA’s branding

Each cog in the collective digital and content marketing wheel had to be exceptional in design while communicating value-based messaging in line with INGENIA’s vision. By approaching the redesign like a puzzle, we ensured that every piece is functional in its own right while also carrying the common thread and working as a united whole. That kind of cohesive branding is what will propel INGENIA into the forefront of its niche.


The outcome of the INGENIA project saw creativity and strategic design join forces to generate a new look and feel for the brand. What was once a stale, static logo became a dynamic symbol that encapsulates brand identity and personality.

Scattered and inconsistent brand standards were collected, reworked, and cinched together in a new style guide shared by every member of the team in an effort to keep communications and presentations on-brand. With those elements in place, we then helped INGENIA apply its newly developed branding to its collection of sales and marketing collateral for utmost cohesion.

In short, INGENIA now has:

  • A rejuvenated appearance that inspires confidence and invites consumers to engage
  • A modern and responsive website appropriate for use via a variety of devices
  • A clearly articulated brand story
  • Consistency throughout its entire digital and content marketing universe
  • An enviable position that will allow it to build a scalable and repeatable growth marketing strategy

The exhilarating evolution drew praise from INGENIA leadership:

Over the past year, the flux+flow team has helped INGENIA Talent define our brand identity, refine our digital web presence, and provide a comprehensive growth marketing roadmap based on our business goals. The flux+flow team brings a diverse set of skills and perspectives which offers valuable marketing and technology insights as INGENIA Talent continues to grow and evolve. They’re our embedded growth team.” — Paco Robles, Managing Partner, INGENIA Talent


With INGENIA’s new foundation firmly in place, we’ll use 2018 to begin executing on content strategy as well as experimenting on our growth marketing funnels. As an integral part of INGENIA’s future, we’ll help it get a seat at the table and continue opening channels through which the company can pitch the high-growth organizations that could benefit most from INGENIA’s extensive expertise.

INGENIA Talent's Digital Identity