flux+flow Case Study: New Website Launch for Integrated Monitoring


new website launch

Responsive Website for Boston-based Startup

Services Performed:


Integrated Monitoring is a Boston-based telecommunications startup that focuses on streamlining maritime communication by developing the market-leading, cloud-based system for monitoring of commercial fishing activity. The client approached us with two specific tasks: design and develop an upgraded website and create all the graphic design components required for cross-channel brand cohesion.

Key Challenges

All growth marketing funnels draw consumers toward a business’s online home, aka its website. To make the best possible first impression, it was vital that Integrated Monitoring upgraded to a more robust website with particular attention paid to the initial landing page.

Adding to the challenge was the client’s complex product line. While businesses in mainstream industries might be able to get away with plug-and-play solutions, Integrated Monitoring needed a tailored marketing strategy that reflected a wealth of knowledge about the maritime communications industry, the client and the overall marketing opportunity.

As a startup company with limited resources, Integrated Monitoring needed broad, integrated support to help them with everything from graphic design to marketing. The objective: to have the completed project ready to roll out in time for an upcoming trade show.

new website launch


Our first task was to create a modern, mobile-responsive and easy-to-navigate website that highlighted Integrated Monitoring’s unique value proposition. Over the course of 15 web pages, we introduced and elaborated upon the company’s most important assets and divisions:

We then laid the foundation that would eventually (and continuously) drive the client’s go-to-market strategy, including SEO, video, content and a multi-faceted marketing campaign.

How We Did It

In less than 10 days, we took a complicated client request and made it a reality. The work took shape in three stages:

  • Build: Using the WordPress platform, our web development and design team constructed a new website that presents meaningful information in a way that is both interesting and aesthetically pleasing. By employing a content-first strategy, we were able to speed up the process for even faster results.
  • Design: We took care of major branding elements including images, icons, and typography to achieve a cohesive look and feel.
  • Launch: With all the essential pieces in place, we shepherded the project through the final steps: quality assurance, revisions, and tech integrations with various platforms to ensure optimal performance.

By relying on our signature dynamic growth marketing strategies and embedding our team in the client’s home environment, we absorbed the nuances of the client’s space quickly and efficiently, resulting in rapid progress and a more authentic final product.

new website launch

Use Case

Integrated Monitoring’s new website gave the company added credibility in the marketplace. Rather than having to pitch the brand concept to potential clients on a one-on-one basis, a practice that’s excessively time-consuming and a strain on resources, the website now delivers information on-demand. In a niche where education is half the battle, this bit of progress promises to have an enormous impact.

In addition, the optimized site layout, tech integrations and newfound brand consistency provide a solid marketing foundation on which any number of future campaigns can eventually be built.

In terms of opportunity cost, ROI and ongoing potential, this collaboration was extremely successful. Our team at flux+flow has a better understanding of the client’s unique products and specialized market, and we look forward to bringing our creativity and expertise to bear on future marketing initiatives.